Adult Trikes

Adult Trikes

We are rebuilding our wesite as of April 2nd 2021

We have the following models in stock

Sun Traditional 7speed 24" wheels $650  Blue

Sun Atlas SD with 20" wheels $625 Yellow

Sun Traditional 1spd 20" wheels $550 Blue

Izip Tristar 3spd $675  Brown or Black avail.

Electric Trike:

Sun E350 Electric Trike 24" 1 Spd $2500

Sun E350 Electric Trike 24" 3 Spd $2650

We can order the Emojo Caddy fat tire Electric Trike for $2700 but be advised it is very large and for taller riders

Sun Baja Fat Tire Trikes and traditionals are all on backorder aside from the above mentioned inventory. We have 60+ trikes on backorder and likely only will receive 3-5 units every other month for the next year or so.  All non electric trikes can be converted to electric per request. 

Conversion kits run between $1100-$1800 depending on application and battery capacity.

Sun Atlas SD Trike

Sun Atlas SD Trike

The Atlas Transit is our medium duty trike perfect for hauling groceries from the local market or tr..


Sun Baja Fat Tire Trike

Sun Baja Fat Tire Trike

2021 Edition is priced at $1275  (June 2021 we have 1 Aqua and 1 Graphite in stock)We can also ..


Sun Trike - Traditional Single Speed

Sun Trike - Traditional Single Speed

The Traditional trike, a classic in its field, is purpose built with comfort, stability, durability,..


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